Childhood Memories.

When I was a child, between the ages of 7 and 13, I lived in a neighborhood that was full of kids. The first being Sheridan Village. I have many friends that came from that neighborhood. But while I was staying there, I was outside everyday. I would knock on all of my friends’ doors and ask if they could come out, so by the end of that I would have at least 4 people following me. In that neighborhood, behind the apartments was a small park. To get to the park you had to cross a small bridge across the creek. This was our favorite place to hang out. The creek, not the park! We would build our own bridges out of rocks and long sticks. We would venture far down the creek, way past where we were allowed to go, but it was so worth it. One time we ventured so far that we were across from the corn field that sat behind the park. We found a homeless persons “home”. We were too scared to actually enter it, due to the fact that there were knives in the trees around it. But, we loved being adventurous. We had no care in the world.

Another neighborhood I lived in was Dominion Homes. Also a neighborhood full of kids. This neighborhood was too big to venture too far, and didn’t have a creek around it to adventure through. But what I loved so much about this neighborhood was my next door neighbors. There were 4 sisters who lived there, I can’t remember all their names right off. But the one that was closest to my age was Haley. She and I became very close. Close enough to where she taught me about Jesus Christ! She told me about her church, and all the fun she had there. Learning about Him, and everything else! I started going with her, and I went every Sunday that I was able to! I still think to this very day that Haley was put in my life for me to find Jesus, and become a Christian!

These are two parts of my childhood that are my absolute favorite!


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