Current event blog: Gorilla incident.

So everyone recently has been outraging about the gorilla incident that happened in the Cincinnati Zoo. Here’s my opinion, the mother of that 4 year old boy should not have let him out of her site! I totally blame the mother, because if she would have been watching him like a normal mother would being in a busy zoo like this, he wouldn’t have had time to find his way into the gorilla’s enclosure. So many thing’s could have happened to this little boy, it could have been something even worse. He could have gotten kidnapped in that time, instead of this happening. I believe that a mother can let their child out of their site for a short amount of time and something happen, but for a 4 year old boy to have enough time to find his way in there, that doesn’t happen everyday. Also, I do not think they should have shot Harambe, not at all! He seemed to be trying to protect the boy in the video I saw. It did not seem to be wanting to harm the boy. I personally believe that the zookeeper should have at least tried to distract the gorilla before making this decision. The gorilla should know the zookeeper, so there could have been a chance of saving 2 lives. Now an innocent, endangered species (silverback) gorilla is even more endangered because this careless mother didn’t watch her son!

Again this is my opinion, not everyone will agree. That’s okay! (:


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