Learning to love myself.

So due to everything that I have been through, that I put in my last blog, it all makes me think that I am not good enough. That I am ugly, that I am fat, that I am not worthy of anything good, for anyone to stay around instead of leaving. It makes me feel like everyone will hurt me in one way or another, being physical, emotional, or whatever. So I am starting my journey into loving myself. The steps that I am taking to do that are blogging to get everything out of my mind, and off my shoulders. Also, once I have this baby and heal, I am going to work out and lose weight. I want to look in the mirror and be able to believe myself when I tell myself that I am beautiful, because sadly.. no matter how much everyone else tells me it, I wont believe it. Not until I can truly love myself! I can not wait to have this baby and lose weight to really start my journey, but doing yoga and blogging are helping so much already. I will fully and truly love myself one day, one day very soon!


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