Bullying can ruin a person.

All throughout middle school, and high school I was bullied. Someone always had my name in their mouth. I did not fit in with hardly anyone. I kept to myself mostly, just so I didn’t hear what everyone else was saying. That was mostly because I care what people say about me. I aim to be liked by everyone, to be everyone’s friend. As I have gotten older, I have found out that, that is not in any way possible. Someone anywhere/ everywhere I go has to not like me for some reason. I am just now starting to come to the conclusion that that’s okay! I am trying, and working on, being okay with this fact. As of right now, I am doing pretty good. I keep telling myself that not everyone has to like me. That as long as I am true to myself, and real to the ones who matter to me, everything will be alright! As of right now I work at daycare that everyday someone has my name in their mouth. I think I am doing pretty darn good at letting it roll off my shoulders. I refuse to let immature nonsense from immature people get to me. I have come way too far, and have way too many good things going for me to let anything get me down, especially high school drama. One day I will be completely able to not worry what people think of me, or what they say behind my back. That day will come very soon, and I personally think I am very well on my way to that day! ❤


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