Simplicity isn’t simple.

There are so many things I could write about with just the word simplicity thrown at me. But I am choosing to write about how simplicity is hard to come by. In many different aspects it’s anything but simple. For example I have struggled my whole life with people talking bad about me. Everyone always says just let it roll in one ear and out the other, or just ignore them. Do you know how hard that is for me though? Do you know how much I aim to be someone that everyone likes, and wants to be around? It really isn’t simple, just to ignore people that make you feel the way people make me feel. In effect to that, it also isn’t simple to get over letting that stuff get to me. I am in the process now of just letting everything go. I want to be able to smile at someone when they are obviously talking behind my back and tell them something nice. “Kill them with kindness” is really what I am aiming for now. With the predicament I’m in at my work, it’s helping me do that a lot. The girls I work with always have something to say about me. All I do is go in, do my job right and go home. But no matter what, they still find something to say. I am starting to believe that its okay! And one day very soon I am going to personally thank each of these girls for helping get over this. Because they’re helping me through something I have struggled with my whole life. Whether they know it, or not.

Another thing that isn’t simple is punishing your kids. I have one daughter who is getting into the terrible two’s and with that, she refuses to listen to me when I say stop or no. My first reaction is to yell. Its not easy to not yell, really it isn’t. Especially when it’s something you know could hurt them. I also want to work on this, being able to tell my daughter no, and being able to keep telling her no without automatically jumping out of my skin and yelling. My daughter doesn’t deserve to be yelled at. I just worry that if she keeps doing whatever it is, that she will get hurt. And when she cries, a little part of me cries with her.

There are many other things in my life, and everyone’s life for that matter, that’s not simple. But I am now aiming for simplicity in multiple things, these being two of the many!


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