Rebuilding my self esteem.

I have been through a lot of different relationships, and situations that have made me think bad of myself. I hate everything about myself, from the way I look, to the way I talk, all the way down to the way I walk. I have very few things about myself that I actually like. In an attempt to rebuild my self esteem, I guess I will tell what those few things are. The first thing is my eyes. I absolutely love my eyes, the color is a blue/green, and I am so glad my daughter has my eyes! I also love my independency. I like that I do not need someone to be with all the time, anymore at least. I am with someone now, but that’s because I truly love this guy, not just because I felt like I had to have someone there. I love that I have many strong suits, as in photography, writing, singing, and working with kids.

That is pretty much all that I can honestly say I like about myself right now. I am still in the process of working up loving myself, rebuilding my self esteem, and becoming the me I wish I could have always been. It has not been an easy process so far, but its definitely coming along. I feel as though my weight is my biggest thing that’s stopping me from loving myself again, so when I have this baby, that will be my focus. Losing weight to become someone I can look in the mirror and see, and be able to say something good about myself.


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