The struggle is real!

So I have always been a huge junk food addict, and couldn’t stay away from Mcdonald’s! I recently decided that instead of waiting to have this baby, that I would go ahead with a healthy eating lifestyle. At first it was a shock, it was whole wheat this, and low fat that. But it’s been about a month on this “lifestyle”, and its becoming normal. I had ONE Mcd’s fry the other day, and I could taste the grease. It was disgusting. I like that I am able to say that. The struggle comes in when chocolate gets involved. I have cheated a few times for chocolate cake, or Hershey’s cookies ad cream bar. I regret it actually because it’s not helping me to cheat like that. I wish I could turn down chocolate cake, and stuff. And maybe one day I will get to the point where its disgusting, but I highly doubt that. For anyone who reads this, if you have any tips, or recipes.. please feel free!


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