Open up!

I have never been a very “open” person, I don’t like to talking to strangers, I don’t like talking to people about my problems, etc. But once I started blogging, it’s become much easier to open up and let it all out. Which I believe is helping with my depression, which is amazing. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression by 4 different doctors, so to be able to help myself by blogging, instead of being medicated is amazing! I know that blogging can’t fully help me recover, but its helping as much as it can right now, and that’s better than nothing or having to take medications! Along with blogging, two things that also help me to open up are church, and music! So I am very thankful to have an amazing church family, and amazing music to listen to for whatever mood I happen to be in. (Thanks WordPress, for helping with my depression!)


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