As I have said in past blog posts, I am pregnant. Currently I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. I am going to a Health Center for my OBGYN care, and I regret this very much! I have had a very bad experience with them, its almost making this pregnancy hard to enjoy! They have me going in twice a week, once for an ultrasound, and NST test, then again for another NST test. They have not done a pelvic exam or anything, which is very surprising to me. I believe I have lost my mucus plug and might even be dilated, even if its only a little bit. I am extremely stressed about the horrible care that I am getting, but I’m just happy to have a doctor I guess! My little man will be here within the next month and a half, I am both excited and very nervous. I tend to worry too much, especially when I shouldn’t! I am worried about almost every possibility there is when giving birth! I keep praying for a fast, safe and healthy labor and delivery. With God by my side I know I will do just fine! Also I am stressing about what my daughter will do while I am at the hospital.. as I have not been away from her for more than a couple hours at a time. The longest is when I was working. I know she will be fine because she will most likely be with her grandma, but I will still worry. I am really not sure which one I’m more anxious about.. giving birth or being away from my daughter for a couple days! Anyways, I know this blog is all over the place I just needed to get some stuff off my chest, and I’ve wanted to write all day now. Thanks for reading!


What a Nightmare!

So as I have said in past blog posts, I am pregnant with my second child right now. I am almost 9 months! I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but at my last appointment I got news that because of the result from a certain test they did.. Most likely I have full blown diabetes. This is not really too much of a surprise because I knew at some point in my life I would get this “diagnosis”, even though its not 100% yet, I pretty much know it is. I have went through my cabinets and gotten rid of the stuff that has more than one gram of sugar in it, and switched to Splenda tea. I have done almost everything, besides cut out my pasta, rice, and bread intake out. Which based on the number I got after eating nothing with sugar but eating a pasta item…that might just have to happen as well. It sucks to know that I most likely have full blown diabetes, but even if I do not get the diagnosis I have to make this lifestyle change for many reasons. One reason is so that I can lose weight, which I have wanted to do for too long now. Another reason is to prevent a future diagnosis. The last reason is the most heartbreaking for me.. My mother has recently told me it would be best not to risk having anymore kids. My dream has always been 4. I only have one, and one in the making right now. So I think it would be best for me, and any future kids of mine if I just commit to this lifestyle now! It wont be easy, and hasn’t been for the time ive been doing it already, but I have to. For me, for my kids, for everyone around me. I WILL be successful!