As I have said in past blog posts, I am pregnant. Currently I am almost 35 weeks pregnant. I am going to a Health Center for my OBGYN care, and I regret this very much! I have had a very bad experience with them, its almost making this pregnancy hard to enjoy! They have me going in twice a week, once for an ultrasound, and NST test, then again for another NST test. They have not done a pelvic exam or anything, which is very surprising to me. I believe I have lost my mucus plug and might even be dilated, even if its only a little bit. I am extremely stressed about the horrible care that I am getting, but I’m just happy to have a doctor I guess! My little man will be here within the next month and a half, I am both excited and very nervous. I tend to worry too much, especially when I shouldn’t! I am worried about almost every possibility there is when giving birth! I keep praying for a fast, safe and healthy labor and delivery. With God by my side I know I will do just fine! Also I am stressing about what my daughter will do while I am at the hospital.. as I have not been away from her for more than a couple hours at a time. The longest is when I was working. I know she will be fine because she will most likely be with her grandma, but I will still worry. I am really not sure which one I’m more anxious about.. giving birth or being away from my daughter for a couple days! Anyways, I know this blog is all over the place I just needed to get some stuff off my chest, and I’ve wanted to write all day now. Thanks for reading!


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