Not a smooth ride, but worth it.

So about 2 years ago I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was not the easiest by any means, I had my issues that’s for sure. I had gestational diabetes, which caused me to have to prick my own finger multiple times a day. This was hard for me because I already had a fear of needles when other people were pricking me with them, let alone me doing it to myself. I had Braxton Hicks for the majority of the middle to end of my pregnancy as well. When it came time for me to go to my last pregnancy check up, the doctor had ordered me an ultrasound. The results were that I had to go straight to the hospital after leaving the doctors office with a laminated slip of paper in my had that read “High Risk Patient”! The doctor had said she was running out of room! This being my first child, I was very nervous and scared. So I did as he said and went straight to the hospital, without even going home to get my bag I had packed for my/our stay. When we arrived, we being me and my mother, we checked in and waited about 30 minutes before we got called back. During this thirty minutes, I was shaking. I couldn’t sit still, I got up multiple times to walk around the area. Anyways, once we got called back to the room, it went so fast. It seemed like as soon as they got me in the room that I would soon deliver my baby girl in, they got me hooked up to an IV and started to induce me. I was induced at around 2 pm. My pain didn’t start until about 730pm when they broke my water for me, and as soon as it started I asked for an epidural. They were in there about 10-15 minutes later and got my epidural done. Within minutes I felt no pain at all. Around 10pm that night the doctor came to check on me and said I was so many centimeters dilated and left the room, he guessed that it would be tomorrow before little Maliah would come. 10 minutes later my mom had to run into the hallway and get someone because I felt I had to push right then! So they came and got the room fully ready and so it began! I pushed for 30-45 minutes, and at exactly 11pm on November 10th, 2014, Maliah entered the world. She was 8 pounds 9 ounces, 21 inches long when she was born. I chose to do skin to skin with her, so she was placed on my chest after they wiped her off just a little bit. I also chose to breastfeed, so I attempted to do that after having her on my chest for about 10 minutes. She latched right on. I was in Heaven, or so it felt like it. I had a beautiful baby girl, that latched right on, and even though the ride was not smooth (the ride being pregnancy and birth), it was very much worth it, and still is! She is the light of my life, I wouldn’t have changed anything about my pregnancy or my child birthing experience for the world. My story is unique, and I will love it until I die.